Consultation & Psychotherapy Services

Therapy begins with an evaluation of your needs and goals. During our first appointment, I will offer some initial impressions of what our work together should include. If we decide to work together, we will schedule once or twice weekly, 60-minute sessions, sometimes longer for couples sessions. If you are considering medication, I will work closely with your trusted medical professional(s) (ie, family physician, psychiatrist, etc.) working with that part of your treatment. As needed, I will consult with your other providers to ensure coordinated treatment.


Sessions with our clinicians are confidential. There are no office staff to act as intermediaries. All contact is made personally to clinicians using the contact form on the website. We do not produce reports about our clients without written consent and review by the clients of the documents prior to their dispersal.

These therapeutic services are not intended for litigation purposes.  Session notes are for the sole benefit of assisting the therapist in the therapeutic process.

As this service is a training agency and as such is committed to the highest degree of professional and ethical practice, as well as rigorous training standards, periodically sessions may be audio or video recorded.  All data collected is for the exclusive purpose of clinician supervision, student training, and accountability.


Therapy works best when scheduled appointments are regularly kept. Your time is reserved for you and cannot be used by anyone else.  If you need to miss a session, I make every effort to reschedule in the same week, otherwise, you are responsible for payment.  I will always offer a phone session if you are unable to come to my office.

Session Fees

  • My fee during regular daytime hours is $180.00 (+gst) for a 55-minute appointment. After the initial hour, the client is billed for increments of the hour.
  • Off-hours appointments are $210.00/hr. (+gst)

Payment is required at the time services are rendered.  You can pay for services by bank e-transfer, check or cash.