Yes, I encourage you to! One thing you can do is check out some of the client testimonials on the website and if you find yourself drawn to any of the particular testimonials, contact me and I’ll provide you with their email address or phone number. If there is not one that stands out for you, let me know. I’ll do my best to put you in touch with 2-3 current or former clients whose situations are similar in some way to yours.


We found a counselor and psychotherapist who brought us back from the brink of complete disaster. This loving and wise man, introduced us to a world of healing resources. All my family has benefitted from his expertise and guidance. This loving and wise psychotherapist is David Fung, M.Sc., of Kelowna.

Excerpt from Chapter 7 of “DOWN AND OUT AT 53! I CAME BACK AND YOU CAN TOO!” written by David Smith in the best-selling book “Against the Grain” with Brian Tracy.


Mr. Fung is an extraordinary therapist and person. His approach is patient, compassionate and honest. He allows the process of self discovery in a safe and gentle environment. We are forever grateful for his skill and support in helping us through very trying times.

Linda S.